For Sale

Our Dutch steel motor barge (luxe motor) is for sale. On this site we will put all kind of information, like the measurements, the history, but also pictures of the Parana throughout the years, so you can get a clear picture of this ship and see if it’s something for you…

The Parana is in remarkable condition: the mechanical/systems side of things, as well as the domestic comforts are all in working order. The barge could be bought as a bare boat or as a full blown conversion project.

The entrances are at the bakboard and starboard site of the wheelhouse, from there you can go to the main accommodation (at the back) and the bathroom (at the front of the wheelhouse).

She can be entirely self sufficient with two generators, mechanical pumps and driven winches all making the harder tasks easier. Three revolving solar panels are utilized to produce the electricity required for the 24 Volt system. In the accommodation she has a diesel fed heater.

She needs a knowledgable adaptable person/ couple to take her on from here. Her next out of water survey is due next Summer 20…..

Report from her previous is available. Rig Type: Luxe motor.

The Parana can be reconstructed as a great house boat, but can also be return to its original state: she would appeal to an enthusiast with the penchant for old things.

In Holland we have several known shipyards like: Lehman scheepsrestauratie who can prepare the Parana in their old original state, therefore we are looking for the original technical drawings from the shipyard she is build on (Gebr. De Korte in Moerdijk).

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For sale: Luxe motor